21:23 01-03-2023
Ich stehe vor einem kleinen Rätsel: Es geht um die Airbus MSN11298. Ihr habt sie als A320-271N für ITA AIRWAYS gelistet. Meine Info zu dieser MSN ist aber ein A321-271NX für SWISS. Könnt Ihr mir dazu etwas sagen? VG Marcus
Replied on: 22:05 01-03-2023

Marcus, I hope you don't mind english.
Both A320 for ITA and A321 for Swiss are listed on google/europeanairlinefleets. After seeing a photo on Flickr of "11298" (an A320) by eurospot at TLS it was clear to me.
But now having a better look at the picture (and not only the description) the msn on the picture is 11288 !!! A report from XFW by Dan Raistrick gives 11298 seen there as a part for an A321 for Swiss. Now changed on the ABCDlist.
Thank you !!

13:36 12-30-2022
Second time visiting this site, found it by accident will definitely use again, in fact stored it with my favourites. Best wishes for the coming year to you and all your readers/viewers.
05:00 04-26-2022
6 - A220's delivered in April. Go Airbus!

They can make it 7 if Air France takes 55159 within the next 5 days, or so.

Ramping up to 14 a month by 2025...slowly, slowly
15:14 01-11-2022
I see what you did - you added it under Carlyle. My bad...

So the Air Vanuatu A220-300 should be pulled out then, as that jet is now with Air Senegal, yes? Unless they just bumped that order and will take the aircraft later - have you heard anything on that? I understand the island got pretty torn up...

I think that's where my confusion started. Good job with the list. Thanks
03:30 01-11-2022
Peter, I hope you are doing well in the New Year.

I am just curious - why did you pull Air Senegal from the operator's list? They still have 55089 in their fleet. I understand the 8 cancellations if they are getting the rest of their order from a lessor - but they are still operating that aircraft.

Thanks and be well.
Replied on: 11:07 01-11-2022

I only removed them from the "order"-part since they cancelled all their own orders. They are still as operator for 55089 and future frames delivered through Macquarie.

22:17 11-21-2021
Parts are built for A350 MSN599 as per AIB Family Flight Discord server
22:27 10-19-2021
Are there any new MSN for Virgin A339s?
Replied on: 11:36 10-22-2021

I understand deliveries are postponed, can't find any new numbers at this moment.

09:45 08-08-2021
Willkommen zurück Peter,
es ist Grossartig zu sehen, dass du wieder in Aktiv bist.
Bleb gesund.
18:48 08-07-2021
Maksym Tarasevych
I'm so glad to see you at control again! Thank you for your work! Best wishes on your speedy recovery!
20:33 08-06-2021
Steven Wright
Glad to see an update, thank you! Best wishes on your continuing recovery,
Replied on: 08:29 08-07-2021

Thank you.

16:06 07-10-2021
Good health and thank you for all of your diligent work.
12:19 07-10-2021
Peter Evers
All the best and a speedy recovery
21:26 07-02-2021
Good luck. We are waiting for you
09:44 07-02-2021
Hi Peter, beterschap! Truly appreciate your work with the website, stay safe. Looking forward to seeing next major update.
00:13 07-01-2021
Hi, just to let you know that I truly appreciate all the work that you put on the site. Get well, stay safe, and we cannot wait for the next major update.
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