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16:06 07-10-2021
Good health and thank you for all of your diligent work.
12:19 07-10-2021
Peter Evers
All the best and a speedy recovery
21:26 07-02-2021
Good luck. We are waiting for you
09:44 07-02-2021
Hi Peter, beterschap! Truly appreciate your work with the website, stay safe. Looking forward to seeing next major update.
00:13 07-01-2021
Hi, just to let you know that I truly appreciate all the work that you put on the site. Get well, stay safe, and we cannot wait for the next major update.
06:29 06-30-2021
Hallo Peter,
gute Besserung und schnelle Genesung. Wir haben dich vermisst.
Kind regards
23:48 06-27-2021
Richard Banks
Keep us up to date on how you doing, hope its a quick recovery for you, regards Richard, PS if you need any help with the site I would be glad to help.
17:11 06-27-2021
Richard Banks
I am sorry to hear that Peter, hope you recover soon as good as new, best of luck to you, get well soon, regards Richard
Replied on: 18:07 06-27-2021

Thank you.

00:32 06-24-2021
Rudy WG
Peter, alll good by you? No updates for close to a month.
Replied on: 18:50 06-26-2021

I was in hospital for some time. Now can only lie flat on my back, can not sit, stand or walk. So no chance to get to my laptop with all files, this is done on a tablet.

03:06 06-23-2021
Richard Banks
Any reports for June 22, nothing since May 25th
00:14 04-27-2021
Word is that the 20 unknown are for Breeze, upping their total to 80
13:31 02-24-2021
Richard Banks
Hi, what is 50069, highest number is 50065?
16:20 02-10-2021
Richard Banks
Does anyone know what happened to 55089, the flight testing started in August 2020 and was never completed, was this order cancelled or plane scrapped?
15:36 02-04-2021
Peter Murry
Great site Peter & where r u ?
Replied on: 16:42 02-04-2021

At home in the Netherlands :-)

18:44 12-18-2020
Handover day (some I've been told)
JetBlue is getting a new baby
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