10:58 04-30-2012
Ahmet CAN
5101 A320-214 D-AUBQ PR-MYQ
22:05 03-21-2012
Any idea when the link to the photo's will be operational?
Replied on: 09:30 03-22-2012

Not exactly. Off to SE Asia tomorrow. I suspect around late April.

22:41 09-26-2011
37957 737-8V3 3695 HP-1719CMP
22:40 09-26-2011
37744 737-86J/W 3694 D-ABKU
22:39 09-26-2011
34191 737-838/W 3692 VH-VZO
16:26 02-28-2011
Matthew Harding
Thanks for the up-to-date information. Invaluable as a rapid point of reference for those of us designing and building structural assemblies for Airbus & Boeing. Quicker than trying to get that MSN vs Reg vs Customer information direct from them!!
11:16 02-07-2011
ganz herzlichen Dank für das fleißige Sammeln dieser Daten! Ich nutze sie des öfteren für meine Arbeit.
12:22 12-21-2010
Hoi, nog even rondgespit op je site, en kwam dus een BAC-111 en een DC-9 tegen. Gave toestellen, waarin ik ook meegevlogen ben. Wat waren de motoren vroeger klein!!!!
Tot horens maar weer.
06:14 11-15-2010
Harry R. van Rijn
Great site!!! Many many pics of my favorite plane: the MD-11 and DC-10.
06:19 09-04-2010
Frank Jr.
A very useful and educational tool for researching tail nbrs. So grateful Peter for the site. cheers
15:30 09-02-2010
Could you please point me to an index of your terminology you use please? G-BHDK, M/O etc? Thanks.., also.., I have dozens of SN's and fate of the 330th aircraft on my website if you would like to utilize for your data. Thank you very much
22:23 05-17-2010
Shige Naka
Beautiful data. Very good effort.
00:04 02-18-2010
john bothwell
probaly the best prod list web ive seen, are carling regards john
keep it up m8
21:02 02-05-2010
Sean Marshall
Great information resource. Well done!
17:43 02-03-2010
John Bothwell
brill website, loved looking @ all of your flights, you must have a good payed job lol
regards john
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