16:23 01-24-2009
brill website well done for info
07:42 09-26-2008
Peter Murry
Hi Peter, just found your site via and well done.
I'm now retired from aviation Ex KLM Ops at LHR etc.
And have moved to Crete from the Uk on doctors advice to leave as wifes asthma very bad in the UK
Have you have another good trip.
15:50 01-15-2008
Im doing a research project on ads and the ads for Airbus were the first adws presented to the class. i saw that the ads were on thicker paper compared to the other magazine pages and that in one issue there were four ads and were in a fold out bformat. If i were looking through at an ad i wouldnt want to see for different ad for the same product. My thought is that maybe you should look at the ad from a different angle. See it as if you were the consumer and find things that intrest people. Like color attracts me so in the ad I'd prefer to see a nice sunset rather than something that doesnt show the whole picture. The add where it shows greener as a tropical rainforest didmt show the beautiful waterfall so it just basically looked like ferns and to me unattractive. While your promoting a greener,cleaner,quieter,smarter enviroment you also have to advertise. Other than that i think the ads are good but could use more work. Thanx.
22:18 12-29-2007
Peter (Webmaster)
Welcome to the Guestbook.
Feel free to share your thoughts, news and ideas.
Also links, images and videos can be posted here.
Liven it up with the occasional smilie.
Your email adress will not be displayed for your protection.
It's all yours, I will not interrupt (as long as it is aviation related).
Have fun.
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