06:29 06-30-2021
Hallo Peter,
gute Besserung und schnelle Genesung. Wir haben dich vermisst.
Kind regards
00:32 06-24-2021
Rudy WG
Peter, alll good by you? No updates for close to a month.
Replied on: 18:50 06-26-2021

I was in hospital for some time. Now can only lie flat on my back, can not sit, stand or walk. So no chance to get to my laptop with all files, this is done on a tablet.

00:14 04-27-2021
Word is that the 20 unknown are for Breeze, upping their total to 80
15:36 02-04-2021
Peter Murry
Great site Peter & where r u ?
Replied on: 16:42 02-04-2021

At home in the Netherlands :-)

18:44 12-18-2020
Handover day (some I've been told)
JetBlue is getting a new baby
08:28 09-25-2020
A320 msn 10225 and 10226 are for SKY Airline CL and are in primer paint after FAL roll out

10225 F-WWDP
10226 F-WWDA

(Photo avialable in JetPhotos)
21:38 01-31-2020
Richard, they averaged 4 a month for 2019. 2020 should be a little more as the Delta A220-300's from Alabama will start deliveries in Sept.
21:28 01-11-2020
Does anyone have any idea what STLC is doing with it's A220's that are painted white? Thanks
08:45 12-22-2019
Hi Peter,

55067 A220-300 got delivered to AC. Thanks
Replied on: 09:43 12-22-2019

But no delivery flight yet

14:15 11-13-2019
Pity no list from FOKKER AIRCRAFT,
Worked there for 40 years
Replied on: 17:38 11-13-2019

I've been planning that for years, never came to it...

22:43 11-04-2019
John Anderson
Why is oder book not updated with 110 new orders for A220, Air France/KLM 60 and Air Lease Corp. 50
Replied on: 08:59 11-05-2019

Simply because they are not orders, only MoU's.

20:48 11-02-2019
Hi, I love your website showing up to date production list.

Trans States cancels order for 50 Mitsubishi SpaceJet
Replied on: 21:35 11-02-2019

Now 50 removed from order list.

18:05 10-28-2019
...and the first Jet Blue plane is on the board!! Thanks for the update.
16:57 10-26-2019
I was wondering if it would be possible (since it's such a big thing with the manufacturers) to add a column which would show the annual delivery number for each series? So for instance, the C-Series/A220 would have a total number for the amount delivered in 2019. Danke Peter! Great website
Replied on: 20:09 10-26-2019

I will leave that for the manufacturers :-)

17:58 09-25-2019
Richard Banks
When will the first Air Canada C series 300 be delivered?
Replied on: 12:12 03-27-2022

I have no idea if you read this but: Stop sending me emails that I can only answer to "YAHOO" because they do not arrive in your inbox and only come back to me as undelivered!!!
Thank you.....

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