03:06 06-23-2021
Richard Banks
Any reports for June 22, nothing since May 25th
00:14 04-27-2021
Word is that the 20 unknown are for Breeze, upping their total to 80
13:31 02-24-2021
Richard Banks
Hi, what is 50069, highest number is 50065?
16:20 02-10-2021
Richard Banks
Does anyone know what happened to 55089, the flight testing started in August 2020 and was never completed, was this order cancelled or plane scrapped?
15:36 02-04-2021
Peter Murry
Great site Peter & where r u ?
Replied on: 16:42 02-04-2021

At home in the Netherlands :-)

18:44 12-18-2020
Handover day (some I've been told)
JetBlue is getting a new baby
23:25 11-30-2020
Richard Banks
ACJ Version? Private Jet for Canadian Government?
19:39 11-15-2020
Richard Banks
Heard on youtube, that Air Canada has deferred 10 A220 orders, will they be taking the current aircraft that in flight testing?
01:56 10-13-2020
Richard Banks
What is going on with all the lisited flight testing for C Series, are the airlines not taking delivery? It would seem that this the perfect time for these aircraft size due to Pandemic, along with the fact most airlines have retired may older large aircraft and will need these. Seems very strange.
23:14 10-10-2020
Richard Banks
Comlux 2 A220 -100 ? Question, thought Air Canada had an option on another 45 A220-300?
01:56 10-10-2020
Richard Banks
Updates OCT. 9TH, Orders? What orders?
Replied on: 10:38 10-10-2020

If you look real good you will find the change.

08:28 09-25-2020
A320 msn 10225 and 10226 are for SKY Airline CL and are in primer paint after FAL roll out

10225 F-WWDP
10226 F-WWDA

(Photo avialable in JetPhotos)
22:02 03-24-2020
Bombardier has shut down all their rail and aircraft production in Canada due to the virus
03:16 02-27-2020
Hi , does anyone know? When the first A220- 300 will be delivered from Mobile.
21:38 01-31-2020
Richard, they averaged 4 a month for 2019. 2020 should be a little more as the Delta A220-300's from Alabama will start deliveries in Sept.
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