00:14 04-27-2021
Word is that the 20 unknown are for Breeze, upping their total to 80
15:36 02-04-2021
Peter Murry
Great site Peter & where r u ?
Replied on: 16:42 02-04-2021

At home in the Netherlands :-)

18:44 12-18-2020
Handover day (some I've been told)
JetBlue is getting a new baby
08:28 09-25-2020
A320 msn 10225 and 10226 are for SKY Airline CL and are in primer paint after FAL roll out

10225 F-WWDP
10226 F-WWDA

(Photo avialable in JetPhotos)
21:38 01-31-2020
Richard, they averaged 4 a month for 2019. 2020 should be a little more as the Delta A220-300's from Alabama will start deliveries in Sept.
21:28 01-11-2020
Does anyone have any idea what STLC is doing with it's A220's that are painted white? Thanks
08:45 12-22-2019
Hi Peter,

55067 A220-300 got delivered to AC. Thanks
Replied on: 09:43 12-22-2019

But no delivery flight yet

14:15 11-13-2019
Pity no list from FOKKER AIRCRAFT,
Worked there for 40 years
Replied on: 17:38 11-13-2019

I've been planning that for years, never came to it...

22:43 11-04-2019
John Anderson
Why is oder book not updated with 110 new orders for A220, Air France/KLM 60 and Air Lease Corp. 50
Replied on: 08:59 11-05-2019

Simply because they are not orders, only MoU's.

20:48 11-02-2019
Hi, I love your website showing up to date production list.

Trans States cancels order for 50 Mitsubishi SpaceJet
Replied on: 21:35 11-02-2019

Now 50 removed from order list.

18:05 10-28-2019
...and the first Jet Blue plane is on the board!! Thanks for the update.
16:57 10-26-2019
I was wondering if it would be possible (since it's such a big thing with the manufacturers) to add a column which would show the annual delivery number for each series? So for instance, the C-Series/A220 would have a total number for the amount delivered in 2019. Danke Peter! Great website
Replied on: 20:09 10-26-2019

I will leave that for the manufacturers :-)

17:58 09-25-2019
Richard Banks
When will the first Air Canada C series 300 be delivered?
Replied on: 12:12 03-27-2022

I have no idea if you read this but: Stop sending me emails that I can only answer to "YAHOO" because they do not arrive in your inbox and only come back to me as undelivered!!!
Thank you.....

18:26 08-19-2019
Richard Banks
Air Lease Corp has a provisional order for 50 C Series
18:19 08-19-2019
Richard Banks
Air France/KLM has ordered 60 C Series 300 with options
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