00:42 11-23-2017
Peter Schües
Thanks for sharing this phantastic compilation.
09:40 11-06-2017
Jean Ubota
Please indicate all lines number msn that has been changed every tinme a page list is modified so it is much more easier to locate changes instead of going throuh all lines in trying finding out subtle changes.

Exemple: 04 Novembrer 2017 msn 1, 23, 456, etc

This practice was implemented for a while, was very usefull to everybody but was unfortunately discontinued for unknown reason.

Thank a lot for your excellent work!
Replied on: 12:03 11-07-2017

If you refer to the SSJ100 list, I put it back on.

09:44 10-31-2017
Jean Ubota

Here is an observation concerning a Sukhoi superjet photo S/N 95139 registered under RA-89101. One can clearly see two Su- 22M Bomber on the tarmac just below the Superjet taking off or landing at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO).
09:25 09-29-2017
Denel Aeronautics
Very useful website!
18:35 09-27-2017
John W
MSN 55026 Korean Ai
Under remarks this unit is shown as NTU. What does the abbreviation mean?
Replied on: 19:22 09-27-2017

Not Taken Up

18:29 08-17-2017
Francois Beaulieu
Unveiling Korean Air’s First Cseries CS300 Aircraft - HL8092 - see:

16:21 08-10-2017
Francois Beaulieu
Cseries - Braathens has modified its order: Now 10 CS100 see
18:14 07-24-2017
Francois Beaulieu
Bombardier CS300:

"55017 - CS300 - Korean Air HL8091 - On order, delivery planned Nov 2018 "

Typo? 2017 ?

Replied on: 22:52 07-24-2017

Typo?... Yes!


17:14 07-21-2017
Jean Ubota

This site shows many photos of newly built aircraft being flown for the purpose of testing before being delivered to customer.

What is the extent of flight testing a new built aircraft, ie for this msn XYZ
, ( not the very first built from the assembly line) is subjected before being flown to the customer for acceptance and delivery?

How many hours of flight and under what flight parameters are they tested?

Are those test performed before painting to customer colors and logo or after? As an example, the Sukhoi Superjet ou the A-320 or other similar sizeable aircraft.

Any reference book or web site about this subject?

Thnk you!
15:53 07-20-2017
you are still listing A350 MSN115 as undelivered while Airbus' site says it's been delivered on 13th July:

Replied on: 19:16 07-20-2017

I list date of delivery-flights, not handover dates.

06:57 07-17-2017
Steve Hesler
Very interesting flight list.
Are you a pilot?
Replied on: 11:36 07-17-2017

I do work in transport, but not air-transport :-)

16:57 07-15-2017
Peter Isakson
Hi! Iove this site and hope you will keep up the good work. I just wonder if you gave up on "full productionlist" for A330/340?
Replied on: 23:52 07-16-2017

It will be back later, I need some time...

23:09 07-08-2017
Harry H. Wade
Any confirmation of c/n 1501 and 1502 for the two DF-151's?

Any news of the construction numbers for the two DF-195's (SSSR-H205 and H206)?
Replied on: 11:31 07-09-2017

Sorry, no on both

13:38 07-08-2017
Jean Ubota
Irkut aircraft MS-21 has changed his name to MC-21. The change was made a while ago as there was a confusion between lesser S and Letter C in the russian language. I strongly suggest that you comply with this change.
14:07 05-10-2017
Francois Beaulieu
FYI: 8th Swiss Cseries CS100 HB-JBH (MSN 50017) - "legally" delivered May 8 (as per registration) - flight to Zurich today (May 10).
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