14:52 03-04-2019
John Anderson
Ok, Thanks, could you check with your info provider, they have been stuck in limbo for a long time and Delta orders have built and delivered past when these 2 orders started. It would be very interesting to know what happened in the order system, these planes can't be sitting there half built.
22:37 03-03-2019
John Anderson
Hello, I follow your web site with great interest, thanks for operating it. Was wonder, I was looking at the Swiss air orders for the CSeries, I noticed that hasn't been any change to orders 50018- 50019 , do you know what has been done to these orders?
Replied on: 10:32 03-04-2019

As fas as I know these two still destined for Swiss.

16:10 02-18-2019
Jim bryce
As an avid OOT spotter and having been spotting since 1969 I use your web site and info contained within along with one or two other sites to keep up to date and to check histories etc . My thanks for your time & your web site ! Regards Jim.
16:01 12-15-2018
Aart Beekink
Nog steeds fantastische fotos Peter,ook van je vrouw
Replied on: 17:56 12-15-2018

Dank je wel vriend :-)

14:40 10-13-2018
Francois Beaulieu
Bombardier CS100 MSN 50018 does not look like being at the final assembly line stage!
01:36 06-23-2018
Great website! I check daily for C Series updates. Waiting for CS100 delivery to Delta. You have an impressive flight log. I started flying commercial in 1981. My home airport is KGRB. I have over 1400 segments since then but mostly domestic USA. I assume you are based in the Netherlands? Our paths have crossed many times.
Happy Travels!
12:43 05-17-2018
Jean Ubota

Msn 95143 under Sukhoi SCA list is declared active while still being the property of Sukhoi. It is likely that it was delivered to a russian airline company. Please correct if so possible!
21:19 04-16-2018
Richard Banks
Great work on this site, hope you will have the chance to update more often, last update on the C Series was March 31st. Keep going strong and thanks
Replied on: 14:38 04-17-2018

Back home after a nice vacation, updates will be online soon

22:45 04-12-2018
António Costa
Why is the site out of date?
Replied on: 14:37 04-17-2018

Because I was enjoying the warm Florida climate :-)

10:28 02-20-2018
Jean Ubota
Under MSN Sukhoi 95147 was delivered on the 13 feb 2018. However the remarks indicates `«On order, flight testing in ZIA» rather than Active, as usual once an aircraft delivered. Please, verify the information! Thank you!
Replied on: 16:36 02-20-2018

Thank you, now corrected

00:42 11-23-2017
Peter Schües
Thanks for sharing this phantastic compilation.
09:40 11-06-2017
Jean Ubota
Please indicate all lines number msn that has been changed every tinme a page list is modified so it is much more easier to locate changes instead of going throuh all lines in trying finding out subtle changes.

Exemple: 04 Novembrer 2017 msn 1, 23, 456, etc

This practice was implemented for a while, was very usefull to everybody but was unfortunately discontinued for unknown reason.

Thank a lot for your excellent work!
Replied on: 12:03 11-07-2017

If you refer to the SSJ100 list, I put it back on.

09:44 10-31-2017
Jean Ubota

Here is an observation concerning a Sukhoi superjet photo S/N 95139 registered under RA-89101. One can clearly see two Su- 22M Bomber on the tarmac just below the Superjet taking off or landing at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO).
09:25 09-29-2017
Denel Aeronautics
Very useful website!
18:35 09-27-2017
John W
MSN 55026 Korean Ai
Under remarks this unit is shown as NTU. What does the abbreviation mean?
Replied on: 19:22 09-27-2017

Not Taken Up

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