09:53 02-27-2017
Jean Ubota

Please look a these 2 photos of Sukhoi Superjet under msn 95118 and 95121. Close to the very back of the airplanes, on the fuselage, just under the vertical stabilizer, on can see an object that looks like an open slot that pop out of the surface of the fuselage.

What is the purpose of this feature?

Other picture of aircraft msn does not show this detail due to angle of photo or other reasons.
Replied on: 10:40 02-28-2017

It's the APU intake.

16:59 02-10-2017
Roy Hunte
Your A350 production list URL is Broken.
Keep up the good work!
Replied on: 19:41 02-10-2017

Fixed !

20:00 02-05-2017
Conover Engineering
Keep going o production schedule
13:59 02-01-2017
Jean Ubota

Concerning the Interjet Superjet # 95122, 95123 and 95125. They are listed as long range LR Please verify the information!
Replied on: 15:59 02-01-2017

And 95127 for Cityjet was likewise.... Now all corrected

00:47 01-28-2017
thanks for your very informative site about A380 airbus.
together with info from xfwspotters i could make a very good scheme about the production of this impressive aeroplane.
12:23 01-25-2017
Super list
Could you also update with Superjet production?
Replied on: 20:05 01-25-2017

I'll do my best :-)

22:31 01-19-2017
Hi Peter.

I just wanted to say that I found your site quite informative. I am following the C-series development from bombardier and its nice to see their roll out schedule.

Keep up the great work


11:02 01-15-2017
found the site ages ago found it very usefull keep track of all new airlines airbus aircraft they got or got on order good job keep up the good work
11:14 01-13-2017
Hi Peter,
I found your site today. I learned it is very great information site. I would be enjoying your site very much since I have been collecting aircraft pictures since 1966-67. I just started to be scanning all my left behind black and white films. I expect to have some 100,000 shots, while I just managed some 2,500 images of them.

I might help / send you some data if your wish to have regarding Japanese commercial registrations (post war).

Best regards,

Kiyoshi Sato
CCR Publications
Replied on: 13:41 01-13-2017

Hi Kiyoshi.

New information as well as photos are always welcome. You can email me at

Thank you in advance.

07:59 01-13-2017
Can anybody help or have a list of VR-H registration sequence around 1970-1990? I have some photo but I would like to know correct model and serial number(s) if these are available. As such VR-HHA, VR-HHF, VR-HFU, VR-HGZ and VR-HGB.
12:13 01-12-2017
Is it planned the insertion of Lockheed soon?
19:33 01-05-2017
According to the production list of the A350, the No: 118 is built for Cathay. According to another website, No. 118 goes to Ethiad. What is right now?
Replied on: 20:38 01-05-2017

It's Cathay Pacific. Etihad's first moved to the right.

07:19 12-19-2016
169324/P-8A/62291/“N960DS” f/f 30/11/16 as BOE062 “AD5C82”
169325/P-8A/62292/“N962DS” f/f 15/12/16 as BOE063 “AD63F0”
This is what the last two P-8s out of Renton look to be!
Replied on: 10:58 12-19-2016

Thank you for the info Dean

09:11 12-04-2016
AD5C82/N960DS/BOE062 picked up on the 30/11/16.
This Hex Code relates to P-8 construction number 62291. The US Navy delivery call signs from Renton to Boeing Field have run in sequence, BOE061/169011 being the previous. This looks like the first of the next batch of US Navy P-8`s.??
Replied on: 16:10 12-27-2016

N960DS is NOT for Australian Navy but US Navy (EDIT)

19:03 11-17-2016
Just noticed, A350XWB Production list, Serial number 120 should be A350-941. Cheers on the great job.
Replied on: 20:46 11-17-2016

Thank you, now corrected :-)

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