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13:04 09-15-2015
Congratulations on those perfectly made lists for the A350, A380 and A400M. This website is now a daily, must-visit resource. Keep up the great work!
16:14 08-23-2015
Hello Peter,

the Reg. of the 1. TAM A350 is PR-XTA

Replied on: 20:04 08-23-2015

Thank you :-)

18:43 05-21-2015
My father flew the DC3 tail no KN239 in 1945. I have his log book with all DC3 tail no he flew, including the one that did the flight back from Australia
A history of where they went to and from during ww11.
Is KN239 still around, as I see it had a chequered history of tail number change.
Replied on: 22:31 05-21-2015

Wendy, KN239 went to Pakistan, back to England, then France, Germany, England again and finally South Yemen. It is either lying in the desert somewhere or scrapped

21:27 04-29-2015

The A380 MSN 177 is Active and not On Order.

Replied on: 16:39 04-30-2015

Corrected :-)

05:41 04-25-2015
Willie spann
I was a flight mech. On c-47/c-117 in 1958-1962 Peterson field Colo.
Does anyone know where it's located?
Also I'm looking for tail no. 064 and tail no. 625, both are C-47s that was at Peretson Field Colo. Springs Colo. thanks
11:51 03-22-2015
Hello Peter,
-A400M msn 020 (ZM403) is making his first flight, today, Mar 22, 2015 as CASA420 and using reg A4M020

Replied on: 17:08 03-22-2015

Thanks again

14:55 02-28-2015
Hello Peter,
-A400M msn 017 (ZM402) has been delivered to RAF yesterday, Feb 27, 2015.
-A400M msn 22 for Malaysian AF now has changed his registration to A4M022.

Replied on: 22:32 02-28-2015

Thank you :-)

18:37 02-01-2015
Hello Peter,
A400M msn 022 (future M54-01 for Malaysia AF) make his First Flight on Jan 30, 2015 using the registration EC-400

Replied on: 22:16 02-01-2015

Thanks again Dani

09:07 01-01-2015
Hello Peter,
A400M msn 017 (future ZM402 for RAF) make his First Flight on Dec 23, 2014 using the registration A4M017

Replied on: 12:48 01-01-2015

Thank you :-)

13:04 08-01-2014
Hello Peter,
SORRY!!yesterday i wrote QANTAS that was my mistake,i have on the database from something overlook.
it's all right.i'm so sorry!!
thank you,and all the best!
15:55 07-31-2014
A380 FAN
A380 orders-deliveries
QANTAS: in the tabulation 12 delivered,but in production list 11 delivered.
VH-OQA-VH-OQL active! 12. VH-OQM on order!

Congratulation to the site!
Replied on: 18:23 07-31-2014

? Uhm, I'm not sure I'm following this....

14:39 07-13-2014
Paul Knorr
Hello Peter,

today I looked into the comments to Skymark A380s in the Internet and found a commen tthat the first 3 A380s are delayed until about December this year as some of the interior does not fit properly. It seems to be a no further explained safety issue. The article also mentions that a similar problem applies to the first three Quatar aircraft. The article stats John Leahy that the delay will last several weeks.

Best regards
13:45 06-07-2014
I am from Germany and I really like this Site, because I can find actual informations about the Production of the A350 and A380.
Many thanks for that Website!
19:23 01-03-2014
david jackson
been aircraft spoting 45 years found your lists very good do do millatry

must take you forever keeping up with it all

if I get to know any updates that are genuine keep you posted

DAVID ps keep you posted
18:14 10-15-2013

I think there is a minor error in the A380 full production list in line 143. The aircraft on one hand shows roll out status on one hand and final assembly line on the other hand.

Best regards

Replied on: 20:54 10-15-2013

Thank you, corrected

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